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"I highly recommend Basic Healing Physical Therapy. When I first went to see them I was in horrible pain, could barely walk and couldn't stand straight. With Basic Healing, I received hands on physical therapy and I am amazed with my results! I am now able to walk without pain and stand straight which I didn't think I'd be able to do without surgery! If you want therapists who actually listens to your issues, is patient and works with you to make sure you get the best therapy, then go to Basic Healing Physical Therapy."


"I highly recommend Basic Healing Physical Therapy! I feel a new lease on life and wish I had found them years ago. I received hands on physical therapy in a one on one setting, which means I am getting the help and advice that I need for the whole time that I am there. The patient care is A+, they are understanding and attentive and they push me just the right amount to achieve the results that I have searched for. I have had ongoing problems for a number of years with my shoulder, back and muscles in my legs/thighs, and I have seen many Physical Therapists who left me to myself to “get the exercises done” which ended up in me hurting myself more. Basic Healing Physical Therapists spent the time to understand my problems, diagnosed exactly what needed to be fixed, designed a customized treatment program and hands on therapy. Then, they worked with me to ensure that I was doing the exercises correctly and frequently enough. The therapists were attentive, cordial and polite and made me take ownership of my well-being without ever feeling under-supported. I strongly recommend Basic Healing!"


"Best hands on Physical Therapist in the Las Vegas area! The therapists are truly hands on and created a program that helped make significant improvements that I wasn't seeing from visiting other PT's. They are accommodating and understand your needs. They push you to make improvements, but in a very friendly, safe and controlled manner. Their physical manipulations are top notch and helped alleviate my pain. Since being treated at Basic Healing, I really wouldn't want to see anyone else. If you don't live in Henderson, trust me, it's worth the drive! I strongly recommend Basic Healing as Henderson/Las Vegas's best Physical Therapists!"


"Basic Healing therapists are committed to improving your quality of life by providing consistent physical therapy sessions with creative and personalized rehabilitation plans. Their vast knowledge and experience, coupled with their carefully constructed plans, they provide an approach whereby results are recognizable and measurable. I am forever grateful for the quality of care and professionalism the entire staff provided. It is because of them, my future physical restrictions are minimized to the extent possible. I know my life is better for the care I received at Basic Healing."


"Basic Healing Physical Therapy has change my life! Before going to them, both of my knees were swollen and painful from bone on bone arthritis and I was facing the possibility of knee surgery. Because of the skills of the physical therapists, I am now pain-free! If you are looking for the best Physical Therapists in Nevada, call Basic Healing Physical Therapy and they will help you."


"This facility is beautiful and easy to get to. Their PTs have all the tools you need to get you stronger and heal any injuries. I had a spinal injury back in January and in 8 sessions they had me walking again! The therapists really know their stuff and I STRONGLY recommend Basic Healing!"


"I've had shoulder pain now for several years with a torn rotator cuff and they have really helped me with my range of motion, strength, and decreased my pain. I would highly recommend Basic Healing to anyone who has substantial pain, as they have really helped me! Thank you very much!"


"Indeed the best hands on physical therapy clinic. Patients are treated like people and not like numbers. You feel like family from the time you enter the clinic. Would highly recommend!!"


"Basic Healing is great! The therapists worked one on one with me through exercises and therapeutic manual massage. The entire staff is personable and friendly. I will continue to them for all my physical therapy needs!"


"A great experience! The therapists are gentle yet firm in the various exercises they put me through. Always explaining and pushing me gently through the exercises. I highly recommend Basic Healing to any who needs true hands-on physical therapy."


"Basic Healing has been a great experience for me! I have MS and associated chronic muscle pain, and they have done a wonderful job in reducing my suffering. For example, after just 3 sessions, my severe right shoulder pain was completely alleviated. Similarly, they relieved my chronic pain in areas of my legs and back. I attribute this to their hands on approach, and found the source of the pain. The PTs use their unique techniques to target and eliminate pain, which in my case was agonizing for over 6 months! I highly recommend Basic Healing to anyone who needs physical therapy with quick results and superior performance!"


"After a fall at work, I was sent to a specialist and found Basic Healing. Their team was hands on and worked with me one on one the whole time. We did strengthening exercises and stretches and they really assessed my issues and felt results right away! I just wish I found them earlier. Thank you for the great results."


"I highly recommend Basic Healing as the best PTs in Vegas. They truly care about each and every patient's needs, take time to get to know you, show real care and concern, and are truly hands-on."


"Basic Healing Physical Therapy did a great job of relieving pain that I had from Scoliosis."


"My physical therapy appointments at Basic Healing were always something I looked forward to. The therapists are extremely qualified to assess and treat the many issues the body-in-need can present. Along with their expertise, the therapists are involved with the patients on a personal level. You will thank yourself for receiving your PT at Basic Healing."


"I received physical therapy at Basic Healing for about a month. The care and attention I received was far superior than I received in the past at other physical therapy practices. Living in northwest Vegas it is a long distance to Basic Healing's Henderson's location, but well worth the drive and we will repeat the drive when future needs require physical therapy."


"Basic Healing was great! I've been to other physical therapy places in the past, and have never really had good experiences. I really think what sets them apart was the fact that they sincerely cared about my well being. They have outstanding Physical Therapists, and I highly recommend them to everyone!"


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