Physical Therapy Henderson Orthopedic Surgery
Physical Therapy Henderson Orthopedic Surgery

Physical Therapy Henderson for Orthopedic Surgery? Have you recently undergone knee or hip replacement surgery? Your doctor might have suggested that you do physical therapy. There is a good reason for complying with the physician’s request. Your muscles and joints need to recover from surgery to improve mobility and strength. Without exercise and other essential therapy techniques, the road to recovery will be challenging. Physical Therapy Henderson will provide you with many benefits.

  • Gets rid of joint pain and swelling
  • Facilitates exercises that can help patients go back to normal activities
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes muscle and joint strength
  • Restores normal body movement

Physical Therapy Henderson Orthopedic Surgery -After the Surgery

There are many types of physical therapy to consider. Your doctor will recommend a physical therapist who may arrange a regular home visit. Exercises are an integral part of a physical therapy session. You need to work on these exercises to improve your body’s function. For patients who just had surgery, or attempting to avoid surgery, the physical therapist will provide simple exercises to move joints. 

Physical Therapy Henderson Orthopedic Surgery – How to Prevent Surgery

While physical therapy has been instrumental in promoting speedy recovery after a surgery, it can also be an option to avoid surgery. Conditions such as rotator cuff tears, low back pains, spinal stenosis, knee osteoarthritis, meniscal tears and degenerative disk disease often require surgical medication or solution. However, the doctor may not immediately recommend patients to move on to medications or surgery.

The physical therapist will evaluate your condition to determine whether or not a surgery is needed. Some of the examination that will be performed during an appointment with the physical therapist include evaluation of balance, strength, flexibility and posture. There is no “one size fits all” solution in physical therapy. Each plan is tailored to the patient’s needs so optimum results can be achieved. One thing is for sure though – these plans are created to improve your ability to perform daily activities and alleviate pain.

Although less invasive than surgery, physical therapy is not an easier option. You will need to be an active and willing participant in your session. Once your physical therapist recommends you to perform activities and exercises, make sure to follow them consistently. There are greater rewards from doing physical therapy Henderson. It is a helpful technique that speeds up muscle recovery after a surgery and a less risky option for those who plan to undergo spine, hip, or knee surgery.