Physical Therapy Henderson Improve Balance
Physical Therapy Henderson Improve Balance

In recent years, many studies reveal that 2.5 million, older Americans undergo treatment for fall injuries. Preventive care such as physical therapy Henderson can reduce the overall cost of surgery and other invasive medical procedures. Physical therapy focuses on strength and balance, making falls preventable. Considering the amount of money spent on medication, there is a strong need for an effective yet cheaper alternative.

Older Americans are the ones to experience falls, which often lead to injuries. The fear of falling results in limiting your activity and this is where muscle and joint problems occur. People do not have to carry the burden of old age as they can still live a normal life. You can reduce the risk of falling by improving your balance.  This is what physical therapy intends to offer.

How Physical Therapy Henderson Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Each session with your physical therapist works towards a specific goal. If you decide to visit a physical therapist, these are the benefits you can obtain from the therapy sessions:

  1. Learn Appropriate Precautions: As they say, prevention is better than cure. The same is true for physical therapy. It provides safety precautions to prevent falls. Your physical therapist will assess how to make your home a safer place to live. It may include recommending you to remove your rugs or install railings.
  2. Prevent Fatigue: Walking a short distance is the first step to avoid falls. The exercise will progress gradually until you build your endurance. Your therapist will instruct you to walk from point A to point B.
  3. Improve Balance: Your physical therapist provides exercises for you to work on. These exercises help improve your balance. Standing still is one example of these exercises.
  4. Strengthen Leg: As you reach old age, your ability to move around also becomes limited. You will fall if you lack leg strength. This is one of the areas that physical therapy focuses on.
  5. Use Assistive Device Effectively:

Your physical therapist also trains patients to use an assistive device such as walker or cane. These devices prevent falls when used appropriately. The device assists you in walking properly. It is important to adjust the assistive device based on your height specification to prevent injury.  

When doing physical therapy Henderson, you will gain peace of mind as you have a trained therapist assures you of an effective preventive exercise. Without a doubt, visiting a physical therapist is a wise decision as it promotes long-term health care and independence.