Physical Therapy Henderson Back and Neck Pain
Physical Therapy Henderson Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can cause extreme discomfort and may even deter you from carrying out everyday tasks.  While simple stretches and exercises can help relieve the pain, doing physical therapy Henderson is recommended if you are experiencing severe pain. Also, if the pain has lasted for more than two weeks or if there are frequent pain recurrences, a trip to a physical therapist is recommended. For someone who has not experienced physical therapy before, there can be some preconceived notions as your body is at stake.  Knowing how physical therapy works is your best bet.

Physical Therapy Henderson in a Nutshell

Your body, after an injury, may not function as it should. Exercises are going to play a crucial role in restoring your body’s normal function. Physical therapy has to do with exercises which focus on your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. With stretches, strengthening movements and exercises, the recurrence of pain will be prevented.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Henderson for Back and Neck Pain

  • Prevents recurrence of back and neck pain
  • Speeds up healing process while reducing pain and inflammation
  • Helps to manage neck and back pain
  • Promotes healing of tissue
  • Strengthens back muscle
  • Promotes joint mobility and spine motion

Physical Therapy Henderson: Working Towards Relieving Spine Related Problems

Some people experiencing neck and back pain resort to self-medication to avoid spending vast amount of money on physical therapy. However, self-medication poses a serious threat to the body especially if there are underlying problems, which require medical attention.

Surprisingly, it has been revealed by recent studies that around 90% of individuals experienced neck and back pain at least once. Ignoring the initial stages of the problem will only worsen your condition.

Physical therapy’s main objective is to reduce muscle stiffness and pain. People in pain have limited movements and when pain is left untreated, a simple back or neck problem may lead to more complications. Aside from reducing pain, physical therapy also aims to educate patients about the importance of strengthening exercises and proper posture.

Although many people experience neck and back pain, most of them still choose to endure the pain without realizing that ignoring pain problems can lead to surgeries.

Addressing neck and pain by doing Physical Therapy Henderson will prevent surgery cases by 95%. Even a busy schedule should not be a reason to let physical therapy take a backseat. Maintaining a healthy spine will enable you to stay active and doing physical therapy for at least 20 to 30 minutes will be a great starting point.