Physical Therapy Henderson After Steam Cell
Physical Therapy Henderson After Stem Cell

Is a Stem Cell Procedure the same as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

No. PRP is concentrating platelets in the blood, not stem cell therapy. This is a more detailed discussion on the differences between PRP and stem cell therapy. In addition, while PRP is one component of the therapy, we use a very different “Super Platelet Mix’ which we believe helps to produce many more stem cells. Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure, which is a platelet procedure that is quite different from the bloody PRP commonly available using bedside centrifuges. Are these embryonic cells? No, they are simply your own adult stem cells. Regenexx here in Henderson uses autologous (your own) cells. They are an excellent local option when seeking competent physicians, as they are the creators of these procedures. They recommend physical therapy to restore normal biomechanics, using exercise, stretching, myofascial release, and specific home exercises.

Physical Therapy Henderson After PRP – Reduces The Patient’s Pain

The advancements in technology have created a major impact on modern medicine. Platelet Rich Plasma injections or also referred to as PRP injections is now a recognized procedure for treating ligament, joint, muscle and tendon injury.  PRP injections help prevent surgery, which is a more invasive treatment option. Physical therapy Henderson optimizes the healing process as it enhances procedure’s healing effects.

The Process Involved in PRP Procedures

  1. The procedure involves drawing blood from the patient’s vein in the arm with the use of a vial. The procedure will normally require 2 ounces of blood.
  2.  A centrifuge machine processes the blood.
  3. Once processed, the technician or doctor will prepare PRP for injection.
  4. Before PRP injection, your doctor needs a clear view of your joint through an ultrasound.
  5. It is important to relax to ensure successful PRP procedure and less painful injection.
  6. The joint capsule contains a small amount of PRP, to be injected into the patient.  The amount ranges from 3 to 6 mL.
  7.  After PRP injection, the doctor cleanses the area and protects it with a bandage.

Doctors advise patients to avoid activities that will put a strain on the affected area. Doctors also recommend patients to take anti-inflammatory pain medication, wearing a sling or using a cold compress as part of the healing process. The goal of this modern treatment is to enable patients to go back to normal activities. Physical therapy maximizes PRP injections’ effectiveness.

Physical Therapy Henderson After Stem Cell – Reduces The Patient’s Pain

Although stem cell injections reduce pain and increase mobility, the chances to recover increases greatly with physical therapy. Aside from helping the patient improve mobility, physical therapy also rehabilitates patients to regain strength, flexibility and functional mobility. After injections, you need to move safely to enhance the injection healing effects. However, the failure to follow through with the suggested exercises can affect your body’s ability to heal.

Just like any treatment procedure, the effects of stem cell injections are gradual. It is also important to keep in mind that each body responds differently. The day-to-day activity is also an important factor to consider.

A combination of stem cell injections and physical therapy Henderson ensures that patients regain full range of motion, strength, and functional mobility. As the lack of treatment can lead to muscle imbalances, weakness and even more injuries, doctors strongly advise patients to consistently do physical therapy. Continuous physical therapy will result in a higher-quality of life, reducing the chance of undergoing invasive surgical treatments in the future.