Physical Therapist Henderson Sports Injuries
Physical Therapist Henderson Sports Injuries

One of the worst things that could happen to athletes is having sports injuries, which are common especially when participating in fitness activities or training exercises. You are more prone to injuries if you lack proper training and conditioning. Aside from poor training methods, dehydration and fatigue also increase the likelihood of injury in athletes.  Sports injuries require a visit to physical therapist Henderson. The therapy rebuilds movement and strength of the injured part of the body.

Since the injury limits movement, therapy will also teach patients to prevent permanent damage, manage pain and address recurring problems immediately. Stretches, exercises and therapy techniques are introduced to patients to help them recover or restore mobility. The examination is also an important part of therapy as it helps a physical therapist determine the state of a patient’s body function.

Physical Therapist Henderson Sports Injuries – Common Types of Sports Injuries

Athletes often experience fractures, sprains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, dislocations and strains. Injuries are inevitable given the fact that all sports entail risk. It is essential for injured athletes to address their injuries. The physical therapist will examine the athlete’s biomechanics to find out where the problem lies. There is no such thing as an assumption in physical therapy as you need to be accurate.

For sports requiring repetitive motion such as golf, tennis and baseball, athletes are facing the risk of injury because the body goes through the same motion during games. This is why athletes participating in this type of sports develop similar injuries like inflammation, medial epicondylitis, lateral epicondylitis and many more.

Physical Therapist Henderson Sports Injuries – Treatment and Prevention

Before treating any type of sports injuries, your physical therapist needs to examine the injured structure. Careful evaluation is necessary because these injuries are also considered as time-dependent. Your therapist will assess if your injury is in the acute phase or chronic phase. Why is there a need to determine the pattern?

Since no two treatments are created equal, each patient needs to undergo an examination to determine the treatment approach to use. If the injury is chronic, patients cannot expect to receive therapy for acute phase.

Physical therapy is not only intended for the treatment of sports injuries as they are also suitable for injury prevention.  Visiting physical therapist Henderson prior to a sports injury will also help you to obtain proper stretching and warm-up techniques. A regular session with your physical therapist will give you an idea about the areas prone to injuries. While all physical therapists follow basic standards of care, great therapists will go above and beyond.