Physical Therapist Henderson Auto Accidents
Physical Therapist Henderson Auto Accidents

Anyone who has been in a car accident surely knows how traumatizing the experience can be. Aside from seeking medical treatment for the physical injury, you will also need to deal with mental and emotional stress. It can even put a dent in your wallet as you need to fix your car.  If you stretch your budget for car repair, the lack of financial resources can create additional stress. It is essential to see a physical therapist Henderson to restore your body’s normal function. While car owners try to drive safely and follow safety precautions, there are reckless drivers who couldn’t care less.

In America alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that there are approximately 6 million car accidents happening each year. More than 2.5 of which are rear-end collisions, the most common type of accident. Rear-end collisions can lead to injuries such as stiffness in the head, chronic migraines, dizziness, blurred vision, memory problems and loss of range of motion, especially in the neck. The patient may not experience these symptoms right away. Physical therapists refer to this type of injury as whiplash. Since car accidents are sudden, the muscles do not have time to adjust or react to movements. This is why doctors recommend seeking immediate help from a physical therapist.

Physical Therapist Henderson Auto Accidents – Reasons To See

  1. Stretches or exercises help reduce pain: Moving around may not be an option for someone who experienced a car accident. However, moving is not as bad as one may perceive. In fact, therapists encourage patients to be physically active to reduce pain. The movement also helps your muscles and joints recover faster from injuries. Light physical activities encourage blood circulation, which is crucial to the healing process. Each stretch or exercise has a goal or purpose to increase function and mobility.
  2. Therapy supports recovery process: Any car accident-related injuries can lead to permanent damage. Without undergoing proper therapy, patients may lose their chances of treading upon the road to recovery. Physical therapy is instrumental to the patient’s recovery. The therapy techniques will reduce pain symptoms, improve flexibility and restore strength.
  3. Reduces risk of long-term damage: Although physical therapy is perceived as a complementary treatment to speed up the recovery process, it can also prevent long-term damage.  Failure to address lingering injuries right away may result in permanent disability. Physical therapy provides immediate care so you prevent suffering from diseases caused by failure to seek medical attention after an injury.

Schedule an appointment with physical therapist Henderson to get non-invasive treatment and medication. Physical therapy is safe, effective and beneficial to your body.